Fuel cell integration into smartphones

Imagine a smartphone that never runs out of power even if you are on-the-go. Reenergized while in use and initiated within a split second. Completely green with closed loop recycling. With myFC LAMINA™ MAX fuel system, myFC enables exactly that.

Snap in a single use LAMINA™ MAX PowerCard. The system will automatically recognize if it is a myFC original PowerCard, safe for its intended use.

Attach the LAMINA™ MAX PowerCard in order to activate the LAMINA™ MAX system. 

Enjoy power-on-the-go, wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

"Over the past months, we have integrated a fuel cell in our reference design, specifically developed towards the slim fit required. The patented myFC technology and know-how has been designed to serve the logic of smartphone integration. We have also adopted the fuel for our power card dedicated to LAMINA™ MAX, optimizing the mobile on-the-go user experience."

- Sebastian Weber, Chief Technology Integration Officer 

Integration of fuel cells in smart phones in order to offload batteries solves two major challenges: 

Smartphone manufacturers (OEMs) were during 2018 forced to provide users with a deteriorating experience, with their new flagship models offering less battery time than their predecessors, in some cases by more than an hour. Batteries simply are not improving at the speed the users need them to. Even with breakthroughs in faster charging, users remain tethered to the wall. Uninterrupted power on-the-go would provide a sought-after differentiation possibility for OEMs.

Consumers expect more from (and are increasingly dependent) on their smartphones, but the power gap only continues to grow – as mentioned above by more than an hour in some new models. Most users can identify with the fear of not being able to complete a mobile payment in the store, check in at the airport gate or simply reach your destination before the map application eats through your battery and you are stuck without navigation options. 

Advantages of MAX™ fuel cell system

Mobile Activity eXtended

Extend your usage in a split second by inserting a LAMINA™ MAX PowerCard containing water, salt, and reaction components.

Save weight, extend usage, on-the-go

Water based LAMINA™ MAX fuel carries up to 3 times the energy compared to lithium.

Simple to bring LAMINA™ MAX PowerCard

Safe to carry, the LAMINA™ MAX PowerCard can be carried on your device or in your pocket making sure you always have power available in your phone.

Thin and compact fuel cell

Super thin LAMINA™ MAX fuel cell deep integrated under the backside of the phone.

Recyclable fuel card

Smartphone guided use, with simplified purchase and recycling options, provides state of the art customer experience in an eco-friendly way.

Prototypes ready in 2018

Live testing with commercial smartphone models ongoing.

Best of two worlds

Combines the instant power of batteries with the renewable energy from LAMINA™ MAX fuel cells.

Optimizing power availability

Prolonging li-ion battery life time by fuel cell power available on-the-go and no need to over charge the battery.

Patented technology

We have over 90 patents in 21 patent families and the numbers are constantly increasing.

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