JAQ Hybrid – Always ready fuel cell power bank

No one plans to be out of power. It just happens and sometimes at the most inconvenient time. With the JAQ Hybrid you get both a rechargeable power bank and a fuel cell charger in one. So you can recharge wherever you are – futureproof and eco-friendly.

JAQ Hybrid is a fuel cell charger that gives you convenient, fast charging in the form of a simple, slim PowerCard, combined with the versatility of a classic, rechargeable power bank. JAQ Hybrid is the future of portable power. 

For everyday use, the JAQ Hybrid serves as a powerful power bank, easily rechargeable via USB to fill your everyday needs.  

Charge everywhere with water and salt

But JAQ Hybrid takes you further than that. Should you get off-grid, on a bus or somewhere away from the possibility to charge your devices, JAQ Hybrid makes it easy for you. Snap in a single use PowerCard – containing water and salt – and charge wherever you are.

When the PowerCard is inserted into the JAQ Hybrid charger, the water and salt are converted into hydrogen. The fuel cell transforms the hydrogen into electricity, powering your phone, camera, headphones or activity watch wherever you are, leaving only vaporized water in the process. 

The process is fast – insert the PowerCard and you'll have power in about a minute. Then connect your ordinary USB cable to the JAQ Hybrid and get green energy in an instant. Safe, green and versatile. Complete freedom!

Your independence from power starts at 4000 mAh

  • USB-compliant output

    Compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows smartphone, tablets and USB 5V devices.

  • PowerCard Capacity

    The JAQ Hybrid system has enough capacity to power one smartphone charge. (Depending on the phone battery capacity).

  • Output power

    10,5W (2.1A@5V) / 5W (1.0A@5V) (Depending on market)

  • Safe for air travel

    Designed to comply with international air safety regulations.

  • Charger

    Weight: ~200g
    Capacity: 2700mAh @ 3,8V

  • PowerCard

    Weight: ~40g
    Capacity: Up to 31 000 Joules per card

  • Certification

    CE, IEC, FCC, PSE, China RoHS

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