myFC Fuel Cell Products

JAQ is myFC’s third-generation charger, after the PowerTrekk 1.0 and 2.0. The JAQ system is underpinned by around eleven years of intensive development effort. The roots of the project lie in a cooperative venture with Nokia to develop a fuel cell to replace the battery in smartphones. After the cooperation came to an end, the development project focused on a charger that would generate energy. This led to our first commercial product, the PowerTrekk. The PowerTrekk was primarily aimed at the outdoor market, where users were a long distance away from charging points. It fulfilled an obvious purpose, but it became increasingly clear to us that the need for energy was not limited to users who were not near a power outlet. The market for a portable and flexible fuel cell charger is far larger than that: we users demand a completely mobile way of charging. Broader, daily and more urban use makes different demands on the product, however, and the decision was therefore taken to develop the JAQ system. 

We conducted a number of market surveys both in the United States and in Sweden, and based on the outcome of these surveys a number of characteristics for a portable charger that are crucial from a user’s perspective were identified:

Cost – The energy from a wall outlet is perceived as free. The price of the fuel must not be too high.

Capacity – the charger must provide sufficient energy for the consumer to think it is worth both the cost and the hassle.

Safety – for safety reasons, hydrogen cannot be stored. It must be created at the time it is needed.

Weight and size – if consumers are to be prepared to carry portable chargers with them, both weight and size must be kept down.

It is these criteria that have dictated the development of JAQ, and it was our fuel in particular that needed to be developed to meet the size requirements. We have put a great deal of time and effort into developing a fuel technology that can be accommodated in a small, flat charger. JAQ is currently the smallest and most user-friendly fuel cell charger on the market. At the same time as we have been working on JAQ, the development of smartphones, which are the principal target product for JAQ, has progressed very rapidly. The principle of never compromising on user-friendliness has imbued our organization, in particular because we have observed our competitors being less painstaking and paying a high price as a result. JAQ has a prize-winning design and is a highly user-friendly product. We have made continuous technical adaptations and have adjusted the specifications for the JAQ system to new market conditions. One example of what this work has led to is the LAMINA™ cell, and this work will continue. In 2016, the entire JAQ system, including the power card, passed the IEC tests. As a result, the product has CE approval and that the JAQ system is now compatible and harmonized with applicable rules in and outside the EU.