Fuel cell Range Extender for the Automotive World

Consumers want super green cars, but with the long range of diesel cars.

Björn Westerholm, CEO, myFC


myFC R&D Project - Compact, green, fuel cell Range Extender for the Automotive Industry

Imagine an electric car with the range of a diesel car, ready to go further. Zero tail pipe emission, with closed loop recycling and the possibility to double the range of the vehicle. With the myFC LAMINA REX, we give you exactly that. We produly showcased our first fully working REX prototype during Almedalen 2018, integrated into a BMW i3. The R&D project is at constant development, so this is just the beginning of a journey towards a green society. 

Advantages of LAMINA™ REX

Twice the range – zero CO2 emissions

Refuel on-the- go in a minute with water based REX fuel

Save weight, gain range

REX fuel gives 429 Wh/Kg and runs 3x longer than lithium

Works with pressurized hydrogen or REX fuel

No CO2 emissions regardless of energy source

Thin and compact fuel cell

Mount Lamina REX in a door, roof or trunk

Re-usable fuel components

Closed loop recycling for totally clean operation

Prototype ready in 2018

Scheduled for live tests with commercial car models in 2018

Best of two worlds

Combines the power of batteries and fuel cells

Easy to include into existing infrastructure

No bulky fuel, no pipelines, easy to handle product

Patented technology

90+ patents, Granted, pending and allowed divided in 21 patent families