The Board

Carl Palmstierna

  • Position: Chairman
  • Born: 1953
  • Shareholding: 987 589 through Palmstierna Invest AB

Carl works as an entrepreneur and investor. He is Senior Advisor for Söderberg & Partners Special Clients and has worked as an Investment Banker for nearly 30 years. Mainly at Goldman Sachs International, where he was chosen as Partner in 1992, but also at ABG Sundal Collier AB, where he was Managing Partner between 2002-2008. He was also CEO for IDI, a private equity firm, between 1998-2002. Carl is also Chairman of the board in the following companies: Accumulate AB, Flexion Mobile Systems Ltd, Wemind AB, as well as a board member in several quickly growing technology companies. Carl has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Jörgen Lantto

  • Position: Board member
  • Born: 1963
  • Shareholding: 263 158

Jörgen works as board member and advisor for quickly growing technology companies with global focus. Jörgen most recently comes from Fingerprint Cards, where he was CEO and Managing Director for nearly two years, and before that CTO. During this time, Fingerprint Cards established a world leading position in fingerprint sensors and increased revenue with over 2 000 percent. Jörgen also has extensive background in the Ericsson group, where he for example was Executive VP for ST-Ericsson. He also is a board member for Zwipe A.S in Norway. Jörgen is a technical college graduate from Midskogsskolan in Luleå.

Susanne Holmström

  • Position: Board member
  • Born: 1977
  • Shareholding: 4 000

Susanne is Private Market Director at Trygg Hansa since November 2016. Before that, she worked 12 years in telecom, for example as Sales Director for the private market at Tele2, and has several years of experience in telecom with both B2B and B2C. She has been CEO for Optical Telecom, a subsidiary to Tele2, and has experience in sales, product development, service and distribution. Susanne has a Master of Science in International Business from the Gothenburg School of Economics.

Lars Gullikson

  • Position: Board member
  • Born: 1963
  • Shareholding: 164 295 through Arvax Invest AB

Lars works as a private investor, entrepreneur with his own companies and as senior consultant and partner in the management consulting firm Hamrin & Partners. Previously, Lars has worked as CEO for the Silva Group and as division manager for Outdoor EMEA within the Fiskars Corporation OY (publ). Lars also has extensive experience from international business in the sport- and outdoor trade. Lars also is a board member in Brand Factory Group AB and has an MBA from Uppsala University.