Thin and slim smartphone case

Super thin LAMINA fuel cell integrated in the back of the smartphone case, providing you freedom from the power outlet.

Closing the power gap with LAMINA INcase

Super thin casing also for the ones wanting a slim case

  • Capitalizing on myFC leadership in thin micro fuel cells and available LAMINA MAX reference platform

Based on industrialized LAMINA MAX reference platform

  • Easy to adopt to different smartphone models
  • Supports different types of smartphone cases such as wallet and cover style

Intuitive and easy to use with smart and supporting guidance

  • Prompts when good to activate a MAX PowerCard
  • Assist with MAX PowerCard convenient availability

Authentication of MAX PowerCard before use to ensure optimal performance

  • Cure Runtime Anxiety, e.g. dependency for powering payment or identification
  • Enable high performance use case utilizing power hungry peripherals, e.g. AI service based on multiple data sources
  • Replace lack of power outlet, or unreliable power grid
  • Secure emergency connectivity, e.g. help at a natural disaster

Advantages of LAMINA INcase

Thin and slim smartphone case

Super thin LAMINA fuel cell integrated in the backside of the smartphone case.

Recyclable PowerCard

Smartphone guided use, simplified purchase and recycling for end user ease of use and environment friendliness.

Simple to bring LAMINA MAX PowerCard

Safe to carry and authenticated at activation, on device or in your pocket always available to power your mobile with no CO2 emission.

Best of two worlds

Combines the instant power of batteries with the renewable energy from LAMINA fuel cells.

Truly wireless

LAMINA INcase extends from communication to power in time and space.

Patented technology

We have over 90 patents in 21 patent families and more in the pipe.

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