Certified Advisor

First North is an alternative market place that is run by the different stock exchanges included in NASDAQ OMX. It does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. 
Companies on First North are regulated by the rules of First North and not by the legal requirements that is applied for trading on a regulated market. A placement in a company that is traded on First North is generally more of a risk than a placement in a company on a regulated market.

All companies whose shares are traded on First North has a certified advisor, that supervises that the company fulfills First North’s requirements for communicating information to the market and to the investors. Avanza Bank, an agreement bound member of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB, is a certified advisor for myFC Holding AB. A certified advisor supervises companies whose shares will go up for trading on First North. NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB approves applications for initiating that type of trading.
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB’s surveillance function is responsible for controlling that both company and certified advisors fulfills the requirements of First North. The surveillance also monitor the trade on First North. Avanza Bank, which is the certified advisor of myFC Holding, do not own any shares in myFC Holding.

Avanza Bank
Regeringsgatan 103
SE-111 93 Stockholm
+46 (8) 409 421 20

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