General Meetings

According to the law of limited companies, the meeting of shareholders is the highest decision making authority of the company. During the meeting of shareholders, the shareholders practices their right of vote in key issues. For example, the establishment of result- and balance sheets, disposition of profit, grant of discharge for the board and the Chief executive officer, choices for board members and accountants together with compensation for the board and accountants.

All shareholders that are directly registered in the share register, directed by Euroclear Sweden AB, five working days before the meeting of shareholders and that have announced to the company their intent of participating (with any assistants) in the meeting, by the date stated in the summoning to the meeting, has a right to attend the meeting of shareholders and vote for hold shares. 

Annual General Meeting June 11, 2019

Extraordinary General Meeting March 26, 2019

Annual General Meeting June 15, 2018

Extraordinary General Meeting May 9, 2018

Extraordinary General Meeting January 4, 2018

Extraordinary General Meeting June 27, 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017

Extraordinary General Meeting 2016-11-08

Annual General Meeting 2016

Annual General Meeting 2015

Extraordinary General Meeting 2014

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