• 14 Nov - 15 Nov , 2017
  • Keynote speach by Mr. Westerholm starts at 09:10 November 15
  • Detroit, Michigan

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Symposium Overview:

The ultimate measure of success for mass acceptance and use of electric vehicles relies heavily upon extending a vehicle’s range. This is one of the major barriers to large-scale adoption of all-electric vehicles by the public. As a result, finding a suitable solution, alleviating drivers’ range anxiety is essential.

Engineers and researchers attending the SAE 2017 Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Symposium (November 14 - November 15) will learn about the role of engines and novel prime movers in extending the range of electric vehicles. This unique event will focus on powertrain and fuel opportunities and challenges, policy and regulation driving designs, infrastructure, and the advances in range-extender technology.

What myFC will address: Solving the range anxiety with fuel cells and hydrogen

Imagine an electric car with the long range of a diesel car. Refueled in less than a minute, ready to go further.
myFC is the world’s leading manufacturer of micro fuel cells and chargers for portable consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also Range Extenders for electrical vehicles. myFC is the builds products and solutions around fuels cells to solve the constantly widening power gap for consumer electronics but also for the emerging market for electrical vehicles (Range Extenders). We use a technology known as Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), which is very well suited to portable applications. This is also the type of solution on which the automotive industry is now basing its hydrogen cars, and myFC therefore benefits from the development taking place in the automotive industry in terms of capacity, quality and cost reduction for the membrane.